About ME

In a nutshell: My name is Dan Polydoris and I’m a Chicago-based writer/artist with a penchant for the strange, offbeat and retro.

As a writer: I have a proven track record of creating large amounts of digital and print content in a variety of channels. I have over a decade of industry experience, and my history as a proofreader has given me an eye for detail (two, actually). I’ve written for multimillion-dollar brands and single-person startups, giving me the experience of a large corporate environment, as well as the hands-on scrappiness of a smaller operation.

As an artist: I’ve created toys and collectibles that have been featured on the AV Club, Nerdist Industries, and even ended up as the number 2 spot on Reddit’s front page. I’ve teamed up with pop culture icons and up-and-coming indie directors to create retro-style collectibles, all handmade by me.

In short: If you’re looking for a seasoned writer with an entrepreneurial spirit who lives, breathes and sleeps creativity, then I’m the man of your dreams. (Although, that’s a pretty odd thing to be dreaming about.)